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5 Tips to Organize Your Carillon Lakes Community Home Walk-In Closet

5 Tips to Organize Your Carillon Lakes Community Home Walk-In Closet

Do you ever find yourself always running late in the morning because you can’t find any outfit to wear for the day? If you find most of your clothes either strewn on the floor and your shoes stored haphazardly under the shelves of the walk-in closet of your Carillon Lakes community home, it’s time to start putting your closet on a diet.


Follow these stress-free ways to organize your Carillon Lakes community home's walk-in closets.


Just like how most diets start, one needs to plan out carefully on how to start purging your closet. Make an assessment about what items in your closet take up the most space. Are you able to allot time from your busy schedule to work on this closet cleaning project? Determine these things first before you go on a clothes purge.


When the date and time has come for your scheduled decluttering, make sure to focus on the task at hand and tune everything out. Make sure you’ve already eaten something so you won’t have to stop mid-task just to grab lunch at any nearby restaurant in Carillon Lakes community and then get completely tired to finish the task. Leave your phone in the living room or your home office. Put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Whatever you need to do to focus, do it.


Now that you’re ready to start, begin with taking everything out of your closet - the shoes, the clothes, and all the accessories. Sort them into different piles: Keep, Throw/Donate, Maybe. Items under “Keep” are those that you regularly use such as your slacks, suits or work dresses, pajamas, casual shorts, a few shirts, your go-to heels or brogues, and more. Items under “Throw/Donate” are those that you haven’t used for the past 3 months because they either don’t fit anymore or have a tear or stain. Make sure to repair any holes or tears if you’ll be donating the clothes to a shelter. Items under “Maybe” are the ones you have a hard time deciding on. Place the maybe items in a box and store them for 3 months - if you still haven’t used any of these items by then, it’s time for them to move into the Throw/Donate pile.


Once you have decided which items will head back to the walk-in closet of your house in Carillon Lakes community, it’s time to visualize how to organize the space. Search the web for closet inspiration. Do you want to store items by color, by style, or by type? If you’ve decided just how to organize the space and find out that you don’t have enough to put all the “Keep” items back in, continue to sort the remaining items. Don’t simply stuff them all in. If you can’t find space for the remaining items then they might not really belong there anyway.


Keep all surfaces clean and tidy. Don’t let surfaces such as tabletops or the floor or an empty chair be a loading deck for any clothing item.


Resolve to stick by the decluttering you’ve made in your walk-in closet and let go of the “out of sight, out of mind” mindset. Always make sure to put things back the way they were stored whenever you take something out. Doing this everyday  ensures that you have an organized walk-in closet that won’t keep you from getting to work on time every morning.


Visit for more tips and sneaky clutter-cutter tricks for savvy homeowners.


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These are very helpful tips, Petra! It always pays to have an organized walk-in closet. Thank you for sharing this!

Posted by Connie Wolff, Connie Wolff (EXP Realty LLC) about 3 years ago

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